BB Cafe

As a family of four, we started our first outlet in 2009. Today, we have seven offices and a staff of over ninety people who work hard every day to make the Greater Toronto Area a better place.

Each branch has its menu tailored to its location and community requirements. Along the road, we’ve gained a wonderful and supportive community. People come far and wide to get a taste of nostalgia or a wonderful dessert for a special occasion.

We’ve worked on projects with Adam Sandler, Chris Bosh, Cash Xo, and Patrick Paterson. The private times have been the nicest for us. Cake tasting with a blushing bride and groom, a gender reveal for overjoyed parents-to-be, or a 100th birthday party with enough cake to feed the great-grandchildren!

Our goal is to bring sweetness into your life by creating aesthetically stunning and delicious-tasting items.

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